076-1344 - Support Plate, Processor Tray

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Manufacturer Part Number : 076-1344


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076-1344 Support Plate, Processor Tray
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Support Plate, Processor Tray Mac Pro Early 2009

Manufacturer Part Numbers: 076-1344,0761344,
Mac Pro (Early 2009)
Mac Pro (Early 2009)
Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
Mac Pro (Mid 2012)
Mac Pro Server (Mid 2010)
Mac Pro Server (Mid 2012)
Compatible Model Configuration Model # EMC #
Mac Pro (Early 2009) Nehalem, Mac Pro 4,1 Mac Pro Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.6Ghz, 2.93GHz, or 3.33GHz Quad-Core, or 2 x Quad Core 2.26Ghz, 2.66GHz, or 2.93GHz Quad-Core MB871LL/A, MB535LL/A, A1289 2314
Mac Pro (Mid 2010) Nehalem, Mac Pro 5,1 Mac Pro Intel Xeon 2.8GHz Quad-Core, or Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core, or Two 2.66GHz 6-Core MC250LL/A, MC561LL/A, A1289 2314
Mac Pro (Mid 2012) Westmere, Mac Pro 5,1 Mac Pro Intel Xeon Quad-Core 3.2GHz, or 2 x 6-Core 2.4GHz, or 2 x 6-Core 3.0Ghz(BTO) MD770LL/A, MD771LL/A, A1289 2629
Product Condition: Refurbished